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You have understood Flipline Studios’ game show Papa restaurant. This set of restaurant management matches premiered quite a while ago many distinct subjects, with many variations. There are a free version and a price. It is Papa’s Bakeria! Flipline Studios introduced a new installment in this series called Papa’s Sushiria.

You’ll be conducting a Shushi store of Papa Louie as its name suggests. Papa’s Sushiria To Go! Sold on Google Play and itunes for a very low cost, for just $ 1.99. This is also available on Amazon as well. This match provides you with an experience such as the previous variants. We’ll nevertheless bring the Papa’s Sushiria To Go! Free APK for subscribers.

What is Papa’s Sushiria To Go All About?

In this game, you may continue as a restaurant management of Papa Louie’s. A Shushi store that was large he started and encouraged you to attend the ceremony. On this day, the cat statue was inadvertently broken by you away from the shop. This isn’t the time to blame anybody, but to find a way. And Papa Louie went to discover a statue. And needless to say, you’ll be accountable for the Sushiria of Papa. You are learning the art of making sushi and serving the guests around.

Papa Sushiria APK Download for Android

How Do You Manage Your Restaurant?

In this game, you’ll get familiar with how to make shushi. As an initial step, procedure the components and you want to prepare a rice cooker. Add fillings until putting rain sauce and toppings on top, and then roll it. During processing, then slice also prepare a tasty Bubble Tea to function on order, and sushi to bits. Note, until the clients are awaiting your shop, you have to finish the orders.

Papa Sushiria To Go IOS Download

The game will have holidays. You have to decorate the plates . There are a number of clients who don’t need to go to enjoy sushi. Now, you send to them and can take orders online. Employ them a delivery driver, or push and send yourself to the merchandise to guests.

You’re going to get colorful stickers After completing a series of accomplishments and quests. Each client has a trio of all Favorite Stickers: Make all three and you’ll be rewarded with a new outfit to give to this client.

Main Features of Game

  • Start your job in a sushi store in the world Papa Louie
  • All control features and controls are warranted on the touch display
  • Perform tasks like cooking rice, construction and cutting sushi, and creating bubble tea
  • You can be a driver or Sushi Chef
  • 12 distinct vacations to unlock, each with additional ingredients
  • Make and learn 40 Unique exceptional tricks for creating shushi and relevant dishes
  • 90 Colorful decals to make cash when finishing missions
  • Over 128 clients to function with orders that are unique
  • Use Decals to unlock new outfits to your clients
  • 146 components to procedure, but you want to unlock them
What is the latest update of Papa Sushiria To Go

The latest update of Papa Sushiria To Go came on 22 April 2020

What is the first holiday in Papa’s Sushiria?

Cheery Blossom is the first Holiday on Papa Sushirial.

App Details

Developer : Flipline Studios

OS: Android & IOS

Size: 29.8 MB

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